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SNL 5009 X / 001 Local Mackintosh Probe Apparatus set

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Mackintosh Probe

Mackintosh Probe is used to measure the penetration resistance of soil including soil density, compaction, and strength properties. It consists of a slender rod with a sharp tip and graduated markings along its length. The probe is manually driven into the soil, and the depth of penetration is recorded.

This information is crucial for various geotechnical applications, including site investigation, foundation design, slope stability analysis, and compaction control during construction projects. By measuring the soil's resistance to penetration at different depths, engineers can assess soil conditions and make informed decisions regarding soil stabilization, foundation support, and other aspects of geotechnical design and construction.

This equipment is particularly useful for initial site investigation work in remote areas. Used in conjunction with control boreholes considerable area can be investigated quickly and cost-effectively. The set is capable of probing up to 13 meters depth depending on ground conditions.

Feature of Mackintosh Probe

Designed to evaluate the resistance of soil to penetration, aiding in soil characterization.

Suitable for a wide range of geotechnical applications, including site investigation, foundation design, slope stability analysis, and compaction control.

Provides valuable information about soil density.

Test Procedure for Mackintosh Probe:

Preparation: Ensure the Mackintosh probe is assembled and calibrated properly before use. Check for any damage or defects.

Site Selection: Choose the location for testing, ensuring it represents the area of interest accurately. Clear any debris or vegetation from the testing area.

Insertion: Hold the Mackintosh probe vertically and position it at the desired starting point on the soil surface. Apply downward pressure while gently rotating the probe to penetrate the soil.

Penetration Depth Measurement: As the probe penetrates the soil, note the depth at regular intervals or after encountering significant changes in soil resistance. Record the depth measurements accurately.

Data Collection: Record the soil type, moisture content, and any observations about the soil conditions encountered during penetration. Note any variations in soil resistance or layering.

Analysis: Analyze the penetration depth measurements and soil resistance data to assess soil properties such as compaction, density, and strength. Compare the results with site investigation objectives and project requirements.

Documentation: Document the test procedure, including the location, depth measurements, soil conditions, and any observations made during testing. Compile the data into a comprehensive report for further analysis and interpretation.

Technical Specifications of Mackintosh Probe

 Model Number     NL 5009 X / 001

 Dimension (mm)     1230 (L) x 155 (W) x 125 (H)

 Approx. Weight     27 kg