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Sureserv Engineering was established in year 2005. We cater several fields included Water, Environment, Crops, Soil, Pollution, Moisture Meters, Geological, Surveying Equipment and General Laboratory Equipment.

We have complete solutions for controlling and monitoring of your system. Our products are widely used in numerous sectors such as potable water waste water treatment plants, oil gas refineries, chemical complexes, electronics, food & beverage, steel mills, automotive and other general industries.

  • Fabrication construction of:-
    • Waste Water Treatment Plants
    • Water Processing Plants
    • Water Purification Plants
  • Portable and Online System for:-
    • Level
    • Pressure
    • Flow
    • Temperature
    • Water Quality
    • Liquid Sampling
    • Pump Control
    • SCADA Software
  • Potential Landfill Sites Monitoring
  • Potential of ground water
  • Pumping test
  • Shallow well drilling
  • Monitoring well construction
  • Ground water monitoring study
  • Sampling
  • Filtration
  • Analytical
  • Remediation

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us during office hour at +603-9058 6636 or email us at