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Smart agriculture is the integration of new technology and digital solutions with traditional farming processes to improve efficiency, production, and sustainability. It employs a variety of sensors, drones, GPS technology, and data analytics to gather and analyse real-time data on crops, soil, and weather conditions. Farmers may use data to make more effective irrigation decisions, monitor crop health, optimise fertilisation, and decrease waste. Furthermore, smart agriculture frequently uses automation and robots for operations such as planting, harvesting, and weed management. Smart agriculture uses technology to improve agricultural operations, increase production, and encourage sustainable farming methods, all of which contribute to the agricultural sector's overall modernity and efficiency.

There are three categories of smart agricultur :

  1. Green house
  2. Outdoor basic
  3. Outdoor Advanced

Smart Agriculture Kit for monitoring micro climate and soil parameters in Greenhouses.
This kit included Gateway & Sensors. 

Gateway - SenseCAP Sensor Hub 4G Data LoggerScreenshot 2024-01-12 170803

Sensors - 1) Soil Moisture & Temperature Sensor  first_page_all-13

2) pH sensor Screenshot 2024-01-09 092551

3) CO2 sensorfirst_page_all-31

4) Air temperature & humidity sensorfirst_page_all-31_1

The kit contains a data logger which collects data from the sensors and uploads it to the cloud for further analyzing. The sensors included can measure:

1) Air temperature and humidity

2) Barometric pressure

3) Light intensity

4) Water pH level

5) Soil moisture and temperature

6) CO2

The sensors can easily connect to the Data logger via the aviation connector cable. After collecting the data from the sensors the data logger can upload the data to the cloud either via 4G or ethernet cable. If you do not have your own server, SenseCAP offers its own Servers to save and analyze data.