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Environment Monitoring


Environment monitoring is a systematic process that assesses ecosystem health using sensors, satellite technology, and data collection instruments. It tracks parameters like air and water quality, soil conditions, biodiversity, and climate patterns. This data helps identify trends, detect changes, and understand human activities' impact on the environment. It aids policymakers, researchers, and conservationists in promoting sustainable practices and protecting natural resources.

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  1. Sensor nodes
    It can connect to MODBUS-RTU RS485/Analog/GPIO sensors and transmit data from sensors to the LoRaWAN network.
  2. Gateway
    The gateway is used for collecting data from different SenseCAP Sensors and transmit the data to the cloud platform via cellular LTE or Ethernet.
  3. Software and cloud services
    Device & Data Management App available in iOS and Android versions, Dashboard based on VUE for Data Visualization and API available for third party software integration.



  1. Smart Agriculture
    Uses advanced technologies and data-driven solutions to improve efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in farming practices. It uses IoT, sensors, and automation to optimize crop cultivation and livestock management. Key components include real-time monitoring of environmental conditions, soil health, and crop status, and data analytics for informed decision-making. This innovative approach addresses global population challenges and promotes sustainable food production. 

  2. Weather and environment monitoring
    Uses advanced technologies to analyze atmospheric conditions, climate patterns, and environmental parameters. It uses sensors, satellites, and data collection devices to gather real-time and historical data. This information is crucial for decision-making in disaster preparedness, agriculture, urban planning, and environmental conservation. It also helps understand climate change, maintain ecosystem health, ensure public safety, and support industries sensitive to weather and environmental conditions.

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