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MJK Open Channel Flowmeter Ultrasonic Flow Converter 713

RM 9,998.00

Ultrasonic Flow converter 713U-1131 w/sensor 200570, range 0-3m SKU:201460

MJK open channel flow meters come with either ultrasonic or hydrostatic sensors. Using built-in ISO 1438 formulas to calculate flow based on level measurements, MJK 713 measures and registers flow in open channels and weirs. The formulas are created for ordinary flumes such as Parshall, Venturi and Palmer-Bowlus, but also V-weirs and rectangular weirs can be used. It is also possible to set up a simple formula based on level/flow linearity.

At treatment plants, waterworks and industries all over the world, flow measurement is used in many stages of wastewater and drinking water processes. Of course, MJK 713 can also be used in these areas. The built-in total counter cannot be reset, so the 713 is well suited for documentation, and provides an easily accessible overview of flow in recent times. The flow meter has a user-friendly setup with a menu system available in many languages and weather-protected buttons with symbols.