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Eijkelkamp Stainless Steel Bailer Samplers

RM 3,190.00

SKU: 12.04.SA

Consists of a stainless steel tube and is available in a design with a 33 mm diameter and a content of resp.
 250 ml.
 The stainless steel tube is open at the top-end and fitted with an unscrewable cap at the bottom.
 A ball check is fitted in the bottom. As soon as the water sampler is lowered it can be lifted again.
 Eijkelkamp 12.04 Bailer Sampler, Stainless Steel to assure a proper replacement of the contents during the lowering, the sampler is lifted half a meter several times.
 Supplied in complete sets with bailer sampler, emptying device, protective cover and measuring tape.
 Sampling depth is 20 m.

Lead Time Delivery: 4 to 8 weeks