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Standard Sludge Judge® with red ring, 15'L complete by Nasco Sampling Sludge Judge Sampler

RM 1,350.00

Nasco Sampling Sludge Judge, 15´
The sampler holds approximately 3 oz. per foot and comes in three 5´ sections constructed of 3/4˝ clear plastic pipe with screw-type fittings. Lowering the Sludge Judge opens a float valve, allowing materials to flow in. When the bottom is reached, set the check valve by tugging slightly on the rope attached to the top section as you begin to raise the unit. Read the sample amount using the 1´ increments marked on the pipe sections. To release the material, touch the pin extending from the bottom section against a hard surface.

Sludge Judge Sampler with red ring, 15'L complete
- constructed of extremely strong polycarbonate
- Very rigid material minimizes bending of the unit when it's full of water or other liquids.
- The 3/4"-dia. tubing is marked with blue tape in 1' increments.
- The 15'L Sludge Judge sampling pole is made up of three 5'L sections (top, extension, bottom).
- Top Section, Extension Section or Bottom Section pieces to extend the Sampler's length.