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Takemura Soil PH & Moisture Tester DM15 Popular among durian planter/grower

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BRAND NEW - Takemura DM-15 Soil pH and moisture tester
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Suitable for gardening use, although we are apt to think that proper amounts of manure and moisture added to the soil are sufficient for vegetables growth, excessive acidity or alkalinity or moisture deficiencies will inhibit the effective absorption of nutriments.Therefore,to grow good crops, careful attention must be paid to relationship between soil acidity and moisture.
pH Range: 3-8 pH
pH Resolution: 0.2 pH
Humidity Range: 1-8 %
Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 160mm
Weight: 135g
No need any power and consumables this meter. This meter will give you accurate readings of the pH in your soil and with the press of a button it will let you know how moist your soil is to help prevent you from over watering.
An excellent gardening accessory for those gardeners that tend to over water and those that want to keep a close eye on their pH level.
Warranty: 2 week
This product is manufactured in Japanese standards.

  • High Quality Soil PH & Moisture Tester
  • Affordable Soil PH & Moisture Tester
  • Convenient
  • Accurate  
  • Takemura Japan