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*discount* Lanry DOF6000-P Portable Partially Filled Pipe & Open Channel Flowmeter

RM 24,898.00

The DOF6000 series flowmeter consists of flow calculator and the Ultraflow 6537, it is used to measure water velocity, depth, pressure temperature and conductivity of water flowing in rivers, streams, open channels and pipes.

When used with a companion Lanry DOF6000 calculator, flow rate and total flow can also be calculated.

The flow calculator can calculate the cross-sectional area of partially filled pipe, open channel stream or river, for stream or river, it can input up to 20 coordinate points describing the river’s shape of cross section. It is suitable for various applications.

Ultraflow 6537 Velocity and Level Transducer is a unique combination of water velocity, depth, pressure, conductivity and temperature instruments integrated with a solid state logger. It is a new generation of intelligent flow measurement systems.

DOF6000-P-A-F-D /VL-6537-15m

Calculator: Potable

Power supply: 85-265VAC

Output: RS485&Dataloger

Level range: 0 to 10m

Sensor cable length: 15m