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20W 18V Monocrystalline Solar Photovoltaic Panel Portable Solar Charging Panel 420 x 280 x 1mm durable and ecofriendly

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1. The solar battery efficiency of this solar charger is as high as 20%, the dual output voltage is 18V-5v, and the power is 20W, which is very suitable for maintaining the batteries of cars, motorcycles, tractors and even ships. It also provides you with two charging methods:
2. Suitable for charging mobile phones, tablets and other USB interface electronic products
3. Support rechargeable car battery, used as emergency power supply, solar light
4. The transparent film surface replaces the traditional tempered film. The thickness is less than 3 mm. It is light and easy to carry. It is suitable for outdoor work, travel or camping. It can be used to charge 12V lead-acid batteries or 12V lithium batteries.
5. Use central control computer, car refrigerator, air purifier, driving recorder, MP3 fan and other on-board equipment when parking, without consuming battery power.

Type: laminated solar panels/modules.
Interface: USB + DC interface
Power: 20 W
Working current: 1.1 (one)
Working voltage: 18 (V)
System voltage: 20 (V)
Open circuit voltage: 20 (V)
Short circuit current: 1.3 (A)
Number of batteries: 36 (only)
Working voltage: 5±0.2 v
Short circuit current: 1.15
Temperature coefficient: ±0.05%°C
Voltage temperature coefficient: -0.33%°C\icient: -0.23%°C
Module operating temperature coefficient: 45°C (±°C)
Output voltage: 18V 1.15A and 5V 2A.
size:420 x 280 x 1mm
Material:Monocrystalline silicon

Package Contents:
1 x 20W Solar Panel
1 x accessory

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