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ABS Professional Survival Transit compass, 360° Cotangents with Slope scale

RM 295.00

ABS Professional Survival  Transit compass, 360° Cotangents with Slope scale x 1 unit


The vertical angle clinometer scale featuring 1 degree increments has a range of 90 degrees or 100% grade scale with an accuracy of 1/2 degree. A percent grade scale features increments of 5%.

This lightweight and durable transit compass was designed for the specific tasks required of geologists, surveyors, mining engineers, civil engineers, environmental engineers and foresters.

The direct-read compass capsule of this transit features 1 degree resolution and 1/2 degree accuracy.

And the dry compass capsule of this quick dampening needle features both a needle-lock to protect the compass assembly during transit and gear driven adjustable declination to allow for simple compensated bearings.

compass bubble level, clinometer level, sighting mirror with lubber line and sighting hole, induction dampened needle, and adjustable sighting points.

Name: Transit Compass
Compass Material: ABS
Features: Accurate, Light Weight, Portable
Size: Length: 8.5cm/3.35", Width: 7cm/2.76", Height: 3.2cm/1.26" (Approx.)