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AGM battery 12V 200Ah VRLA sealed lead acid battery bank for solar UPS backup power telecom base station and cctv

RM 1,895.00

6-GFM-200/12V200Ah is one the most popular model in VRLA battery. It is suitable to make a 12V, 24V, 48V battery bank. With patented AGM material and advanced thick plates, 6-GFM-200 is stable working with no defect.  


Solar and Renewable industry, 

UPS backup power, 

Telecom base station, 

CCTV security system, 

other energy storage applications. 

Basic Information: 

Item No: 6-GFM-200/12V200Ah 

Nominal Voltage: 12V 

Nominal Capacity: 200AH 

Size: 522*238*250mm 

Weight: 58kg 

Design life: 10 years 

Maintenance-free: YES 


Sealed Construction and leakproof. 

Maintenance Free, oxygen recombination technology. 

Patented AGM material, no internal short-circuit risk. 

Heavy Duty Grids, advanced thicker plates, more power inside the battery. 

Flame retardant ABS material shell, ensure the safety of electronic products. 

High purity raw material, low self-discharge.