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Aquadata Fluvia RC3 Gold System portable electromagnetic water velocity meter FV10003

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The FLUVIA electromagnetic water velocity meter is a portable device that measures the velocity of water to determine its flow. The user interface for the FLUVIA has been designed to be as simple as possible enabling users to quickly and effectively take accurate velocity measurements. Includes meter, velocity probe, 6x 316 stainless steel rods, and carrying case.

The FLUVIA RC3 flow meter is a portable electromagnetic device that measures the velocity of water to determine its flow.    

Its hydrodynamic shape and small probe size permits measurements close to a fluid surface, channel bed or pipeline wall, and with no moving parts, it does not retain debris - guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.    

The FLUVIA RC3 can be tailored to the users ideal setup, meaning the units, date and time, language and data logging methods are easily changeable. An optional extra of GPS is also available which would auto set the time as well as provide accurate location information for each data point.    

The FLUVIA RC3 is also capable of generating a computed river flow profile, allowing more detailed analysis of a river.    


- Electromagnetic sensor unaffected by temperature variations, density changes, sediment and water clarity      

- IP67 Environmental Rating      

- Hands-free operation      

- Rechargeable, 20hrs continuous use battery life      

- Multilingual English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Danish - other languages on request      

- GPS, Bluetooth and GSM (Cellular network) support (optional, sold separately)      

- Two sensor types are available      

- Recording of up to 12,000 data points      


- Settings: Quick and easy to configure the devices various functions through a menu, allowing the user to set unit measurements time filters and recording preferences.      

- Measurement and registration- Real-time velocity readings with timestamps attached. Recording can be enabled and disabled. Adjustable zero offset.      

- Visual representation: Features graphical representation of velocity readings over an adjustable time window.      

- Flow profile calculation: Flow calculation from dimensions, water height and velocity points, calculated according to ISO748:2007      

- River profile: Assists the operator in taking up to 30 vertical sections containing up to 6 different readings which can be exported.      

- Reading data: Displays saved velocity readings with the ability to transfer them to a PC via RS-232or SDI 12.      


Fluvia Control Box:      

- Construction: Polycarbonate case, IP67      

- Display: Colour, LCD, touchscreen, 5''      

- Encoder: Waterproof, 22mm dia. knob      

- Range: 0 to 3m/s, 0 to 6m/s (option) flow reversal indication      

- Recording: Manual or automatic, 12,000 data points32river profiles, 30 vertical sections max. Files in .csv or .xml format      

- Battery power: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery      

- Battery life: 20hrs continuous usage (30 hours with reduced backlight)      

- PC Interface: RS-232 or SDI 12      

- Dimensions: 191 x 126 x 60mm      

- Weight: 1.0kg with batteries      

- Temperature: -20 to +60 C      

RV4 Speed Sensor:      

- Method: Electromagnetic (Faraday's Law)      

- Construction: Hydrodynamic shape, castin yellow epoxy resin. Stainless steel electrodes      

- Cycle measures: 0.5 seconds      

- Range: 0 to 3m/s, 0 to 6m/s0(option)      

- Resolution: 0.001 m/s      

- Accuracy: 1% max reading + zero stability      

- Zero Stability: Typically 0,01m/s, max 0,03m/s      

- Calibration: From 0 to 3m/s. Control on 14 points. From 0 to 6m/s as an option. Calibrated for life if maintained correctly      

- Minimum depth: 30 mm water with general wading rod      

- Dimensions: 140 x 30 x 15mm      

- Weight: 0.1kg without cable      

- Cable: Polyurethane sheath, 3m standard (extra length optional)      

- Operating temperature: -5 to 70 C      

- Storage temperature: -20 to 70 C      


- 19-242 Fluvia RC3 Surface Control/Display      

- 19-245 Sensa RV4XMiniVelocity Probe with standard 6 metre cable      

- 16-184-07 Orange Pelicase with compartments for Fluvia RC3, probe, charger and accessories      

- 15-173-08 6x 316 stainless steel tubular rods scribed in cm, standard clamp, base plate and directional handle.