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Bosch Range Finder DLE 70 Professional

RM 795.00

The Bosch DLE 70 has the ability to measure from the front or the back of the device as well as utilising the flip out metal stop pin to reach into difficult corners. The robust case has a rubberised grip with easy to use menu functions offering area, volume and indirect measuring functions utilising the Pythagoras functions for indirect height calculations. The world's smallest laser measure. Delivering 1.5 mm laser measuring accuracy in a compact unit. This really is the choice for today's measuring professional. Precise work indoors or out - done with speed & precision. Lengths are measured up to ten times faster due to wall-area, minimum and maximum functions. State-of-the-art laser technology for precise measurement up to 70m. Fits in any shirt pocket due to small dimensions of 100 x 59 x 32 mm. User-friendly operation thanks to self-explanatory buttons and a concise display. Ideal tool for every construction site because it is dust and splash-protected (IP 54) and it is equipped with softgrip. Sturdy metal measurement pin for measuring from corners and hard-to-reach areas. Other functions such as continuous measurement, indirect length measurement, addition and subtraction function for considerable time-saving. 1/4" tripod thread for convenient use with any standard camera type tripod. Professional SPECIFICATION: Range - 0.05 - 70 metres Clear display - large numbers Robust - water and dust resistant to IP54 Typ. Measuring accuracy +/- 1.5mm Features: Volume, Area, Pythagorus Technology: Laser pin point accuracy (class 2) Size: Pocket size only 100x58x32mm Metric Measurments Only. Comes with protective case, batteries and hand loop.

Precise measuring in seconds
Modern Laser technology for precise measuring up to 70 meters
Measuring up to 10x quicker thanks to the wall surface, min and max functions
Device fits in a shirt pocket