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BrookHuis Handheld Moisture Meter FMW-B

RM 2,995.00

The most important characteristics of the handheld moisture meters manufactured by Brookhuis:

  • Reproducible measuring results thanks to the application of special measuring electronics.

  • Calibrated with many different wood species and construction materials, geared to the properties of the materials to be measured (software).

  • The possibility of providing the moisture meters with new calibration lines so that they remain up-to-date (updates).

  • Simple operation (thought-out design).

As a result of these characteristic features, the handheld moisture meters are known and used world-wide in the wood and construction industry.

Accessories & Spare Parts available. (Excluded)

  • FMW type microprocessor-controlled moisture meter suitable for measuring wood and building materials.

  • The FMW-B measures the moisture content immediately when the back side of the instrument is held against the material to be measured.

  • Because the specific density of the wood can be entered in the FMW-B all wood species can be measured extremely accurately. The FMW-B can be set for wood ranging between 250 and 1100 kg/m³.

  • The innovative sensor of the FMW-B enables it to measure even through lacquer and foil. The FMW-B is especially suitable for completed products as door cases, doors, furniture etc.

  • The FMW-B measures the wood just by touching it, and due to the high-frequency measuring technology, it will take measurements without damaging paint layers or building plastic. This makes the FMW-B moisture meter ideal for final and rapid inspections!


Technical Specifications

  • Capacitive moisture measurement
  • Measuring range 2~30% (for wood)
  • Measuring accuracy 0.5% (on reference material)
  • Resolution 0.1%
  • Measuring depth 30 mm (1 1/4 inch)
  • Memory function for 50 readings
  • Memory function for peak reading (highest reading)
  • Wood temperature 0~50°C (32~122°F
  • Instrument temperature range 0~50ºC (32~122°F)
  • Battery check, 9 volt alkaline battery (6LR6)
  • Dimensions 160 x 85 x 30 mm
  • Weight 260 gram (including battery)
  • Settings can be locked using a pin code


Memory function for 50 readings
Memory function highest reading
Instrument bag
User manual
Measuring Moisture Content manual

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