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CALYPSO instruments Ultra-Low-Power Ultrasonic wind meter PRO (ULP PRO) (RS485 (NMEA0183)/ MODBUS, No extra features)

RM 2,890.00

Ultra-Low-Power Ultrasonic wind meter PRO (ULP PRO).

Wind meter, a 45m/s IoT, Ultra-Low-Power Ultrasonic wind meter PRO (ULP PRO).

     Ultra-Low-Power (RS485 NMEA 0183: 0,25 mA @5V, 1Hz / MODBUS : 1 mA @5V, 1Hz)

     Ultra-Low-Power (UART): 0,15 mA @5V, 1Hz 


     Small: 68 mm (2.68 in.) diameter.

     Light: 200 grams (7.05 oz.)


The ULP PRO represents an important technology breakthrough condensing an extensive R+D investment that brings us to a new generation of ultrasonic wind meters. 

Both shape and firmware have been enhanced for an improved rain performance, being this point key for static applications such as weather stations. 

Mechanical design has been revamped making the unit more robust and dependable. 

We feel very proud to release a unit that requires under 0,25mA @1Hz (RS485), and 0,15mA @1Hz (UART).


Injected molded


Diameter : 68 mm (2.68 in.)

Height : 65 mm (2.56 in.)

Weight : 200 grams (7.05 oz.)

Wind Speed

Range : 0.5-45 m/s (1.12 -100 mph)

Accuracy : ±0.1 m/s at 10 m/s (0.22 mph at 22.4 mph)

Wind Direction

Range : 0-359º

Accuracy : ± 1

Wind Information 

Aparent wind speed & direction


Ultrasonic transducers (4x)

 Sample rate

1 Hz to 10 Hz (configurable)


3.3-18 DCV



Upgradable via configuration tool

IP Code



2xM3 lateral female tripod thread (UNC1/4''-20) , 3xM3 inferior lateral female tripod thread (UNC1/4''-20)