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Campbell Scientific ClimaVUE50 Compact Digital Weather Sensor SDI-12 outputs with 17ft cable Complete Weather Sensor

RM 19,298.00

The ClimaVUE™50 is an affordable all-in-one meteorological sensor that fulfills your common weather monitoring needs with simplicity, when paired with any of Campbell Scientific's highly flexible and scalable data collection platforms. This sensor uses SDI-12 to report air temperature, relative humidity, vapor pressure, baro­metric pressure, wind (speed, gust, and direction), solar radiation, precipitation, and lightning strike (count and distance). It does this with no moving parts, while consuming little power. A built-in tilt sensor assures long-term data integrity. This diverse product is great for quick deployment, for remote locations, for large networks, as part of a more complex system, or if you just need something simple.

Sensors available in ClimaVUE50 Compact Digital Weather Sensor
- Pyranometer
- Anemometer
- Temperature Sensor
- Relative Humidity Sensor
- Drip Counter Rain Gauge
- Tilt Sensor

Benefits and Features
- All the common meteorological measurements with one simple digital (SDI-12) output
- Less than 1 mA at 12 Vdc average current, making it ideal for solar-powered sites
- Integrated tilt sensor helps assure that the sensor stays level over time
- Low maintenance—no moving parts significantly reduces maintenance cost and time
- 304 stainless-steel hardware for minimal surface staining in marine environments
- No sensor configuration required
- Compact design for quick, low-impact installation
- Compatible with all modern Campbell Scientific data loggers
- Detachable cable facilitates field replacement