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To perform checking & service for Campbell Scientific Multiplex Module GRANITE VOLT 108 8- or 16-Channel 5V Analog Input Module Ideal for Expansion of Analog Measurements

RM 298.00

Cost inclusive of Workmanship, Display Test, Instrument Accuracy Check,  Internal Wiring inspection and testing.

Note : exclude repair and part replacement

The GRANITE™ VOLT 108 is a general-purpose, multiplexed analog measurement module. Designed specifically for static measurement applications, it can also be used for dynamic measurements up to 10 to 100 Hz depending on the application. The VOLT 108 supports all standard analog sensor measurements and easily expands the GRANITE™ data-acquisition system. The VOLT 108 has eight differential or 16 single-ended input channels and two excitation channels. It provides a 12 V and a switched 12 V port and two switched 5 V ports for peripheral control.

Benefits and Features
- 24-bit ADC and low-noise inputs
- Channel count expansion via the CPI bus
- Scales up the number of channels without adding measurement time
- Easy to configure
- Selectable noise rejection
- CANbus 2.0 A/B output available with the Extended Duty (-XD) version
- USB 2.0 interface for direct-to-PC-based operation