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Campbell Scientific RM Young Wind Monitor 05103-L Wind Monitor with 3m Cable for Reliable, Accurate Wind Measurements

RM 10,698.00

The 05103 Wind Monitor is a lightweight, sturdy instrument for measuring wind speed and direction in your harsh environments. Its simplicity and corrosion-resistant construction make it ideal for a wide range of wind measuring applications. Manufactured by R. M. Young, this wind monitor is cabled for use with your Campbell Scientific data logger.

Detailed Description
The 05103 Wind Monitor is made out of rigid UV-stabilized thermoplastic with stainless steel and anodized aluminum fittings. The thermoplastic material resists corrosion from sea air environments and atmospheric pollutants. It uses stainless-steel precision-grade ball bearings for the propeller shaft and vertical shaft bearings.

The 05103 measures wind speed with a helicoid-shaped, four-blade propeller. Rotation of the propeller produces an ac sine wave that has a frequency directly proportional to wind speed. The ac signal is induced in a transducer coil by a six-pole magnet mounted on the propeller shaft. The coil resides on the non-rotating central portion of the main mounting assembly, eliminating the need for slip rings and brushes.

Wind direction is sensed by the orientation of the fuselage-shaped sensor body, which is connected to an internal potentiometer. The data logger applies a known precision excitation voltage to the potentiometer element. The output is an analog voltage signal directly proportional to the azimuth angle.

Benefits and Features
- Rugged enough for harsh environments
- Compatible with the CWS900-series interfaces, allowing it to be used in a wireless sensor network
- Constructed with thermoplastic material that resists corrosion from sea-air environments and atmospheric pollutants
- Uses stainless-steel, precision-grade ball bearings for the propeller shaft and vertical shaft bearings
Ideal for wind profile studies
- Compatible with the LLAC4 4-channel Low-Level AC-Conversion Module, which increases the number of anemometers one data logger can measure