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Campbell Scientific WINDSONIC1-L 2-D Sonic Wind Sensor with RS-232 Output (0-60m/s, 0-360°) with 5m cable

RM 13,150.00

The WindSonic1 is a two-dimensional ultrasonic anemometer for measuring wind direction and speed. It provides an alternative to traditional mechanical cup and vane or propeller and vane anemometers. This sonic wind sensor outputs an RS-232 signal that can be directly read by a compatible Campbell Scientific data logger. (See the Compatibility section.)

The Windsonic1 is not recommended for conditions where rime, ice, or horizontal snow will occur. This sensor is not heated. Please contact Campbell Scientific for information on a heated 2-D sonic anemometer that will work in these conditions.

Detailed Description
The WindSonic1 uses two pairs of orthogonally oriented transducers to sense the horizontal wind. The transducers bounce the ultrasonic signal from a hood, thus minimizing the effects of transducer shadowing and flow distortion.

Unlike mechanical anemometers, the WindSonic1 has no moving parts to be periodically replaced—minimizing routine maintenance costs.

Four WindSonic1 anemometers can be connected to a single CR1000, CR3000, CR300, CR310, CR6, or CR1000X datalogger. Two WindSonic1 anemometers can be connected to a single CR800 or CR850 datalogger.

Benefits and Features
- Low maintenance—no moving parts significantly reduces maintenance cost and time
- Provides a minimum detectable wind speed of 0.01 meters per second
- Compatible with the SDM-SIO1A, which increases the number of sensors one data logger can measure