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Mitutoyo 150mm Digital Caliper 0.01 mm ,Metric & Imperial

RM 598.00
Mitutoyo 150mm Digital Caliper 0.01 mm ,Metric & Imperial Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Range : 6"/150mm graduation 

resolution : 0.01mm 

Accuracy : 0.03mm 

Max. mea speed : 1.5m/s 

operating temp. : 0 to 40 degr. C 

storage temp . : -20 to + 70 degr. C 

Auto power off

AOS (Advanced Onsite Sensor)
Electromagnetic induction type ABS encoder
Slider provides smooth operation
ABS (ABSOLUTE) scale requires no origin setting after power-on and has no limit to response speed
Character height: 9 mm (150 and 200 mm), 11 mm (300 mm)
Step-measurement capable
Battery life of approximately 3.5 years has been achieved under normal use through the adoption of Mitutoyo's absolute scale
The slider configuration features an ergonomic, thumb-friendly shape
Resolution of 0.01mm
Accuracy of ±0.001in
Button-type silver oxide battery power supply
High response speed
Carbide-tipped jaws for outside and inside measurement
Font height is 9mm, alleviation of fatigue with the high-contrast LCD

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