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Digital Soil EC tester ZD-EC

RM 1,290.00

ZD-EC Soil Tester 

Range: 0.0 – 19.9EC ; 

Resolution: 0.10 EC; 

Accuracy: +/-0.10 EC(0.0 – 10.0ec); 

Operating Temperature: 5 - 45°C (41 - 1113°F) / ATC 

EC Calibration: One-point at 6.7ec ( or mS/cm ); 

Display: LCD with illumination. 

Power supply: DC 9V (Battery) 

Size: Ø50.5 X 250 mm(electrode) 

Weight: 100g 

Features: Automatic 

switch-off function: After about 5 minutes without pushing buttons, the meter will be switched off automatically. 

Used: Soli EC tester features a unique metal surface electrode that Provides fast and easy on the spot EC measurements for soil and hydroponics nutrient, etc.