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Eijkelkamp Tensiometer set, standard

RM 18,798.00

SKU: 1404

Complete standard set for multiple measurements to a depth of 90 cm; incl. standard tensiometers, jet-fill tensiometers, service kit, ceramic tip, etc. This multi-functional set can be applied to execute different research with various types of tensiometers up to a depth of 90 cm. 

The standard tensiometer for example is used in irrigation areas for permanent placement.

The Jet-fill tensiometer has an additional water reservoir in order to be able to continuously fill the tensiometer allowing it to be ready for use faster and more mobile.

For fast measurement of soil suction (usually in small areas) the quick draw tensiometer provides measuring results within minutes.

In addition to tensiometers in various lengths the set also includes a service set as well as a gouge auger (to pre-drill a hole) with extension rod and a cleaning spatula.


Maximum measuring depth: 90 cm

Measuring accuracy: ± 2.5 hPa

Measuring range: 0...850 hPa

Package size: 117 x 32 x 24 cm

Weight: 8.3 kg

Delivery lead time: 4 - 8 weeks