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Eikelkamp Bi-Partite Root Auger

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SKU: 05.02

Almost undisturbed, uniform soil samples can be taken in layers of maximal 15 cm.

Eijkelkamp 05.02 Bi-Partite Root Auger consists of a bottom part fitted with an exchangeable drilling-crown and a short unscrewable top part (handle) with a beating head.
In lighter soil, the auger can be pushed and turned into the soil. In heavier soils, an impact-absorbing hammer can be used.
In the standard set an Edelman- and a Riverside auger has been included for reaming out the borehole and levelling the bottom (making it even). A conical threaded connection is used.
The root auger is fitted with a sample extruder unit which forces the soil sample from the cylinder of the auger. The extruder unit is operated by means of a crank handle.
The complete root auger set is packaged in an aluminium transport case.

Lead Time Delivery: 4 to 8 weeks

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