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Eikelkamp Bi-Partite Root Auger

RM 18,950.00

SKU: 05.02

Almost undisturbed, uniform soil samples can be taken in layers of maximal 15 cm.
 Eijkelkamp 05.02 Bi-Partite Root Auger consists of a bottom part fitted with an exchangeable drilling-crown and a short unscrewable top part (handle) with a beating head.
 In lighter soil, the auger can be pushed and turned into the soil. In heavier soils, an impact absorbing hammer can be used.
 In the standard set an Edelman- and a Riverside auger has been included for reaming out the bore hole and leveling the bottom (making it even). A conical threaded connection is used.
 The root auger is fitted with a sample extruder unit which forces the soil sample from the cylinder of the auger. The extruder unit is operated by means of a crank handle.
 The complete root auger set is packaged in an aluminum transport case.

Lead Time Delivery: 4 to 8 weeks