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30mm LED Multi-layer Light Tower

EMA Electronics 30/50/70mm LED Multi-layer Light Tower

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•  Long lifetime and brightness LEDS , eight LEDs in each light module
•  360°view: excellent visibility with no block and no shadow  
•  Advancing brightness and easy installation 
•  Attractive and practical fixed bolt
•  Material: layer--PC, lamp--ABS, Stand---AL
•  Oil corrosion resistance 
•  IP rating : IP54、IP65
•  Meets CE,RoHS directive 

Ema introduces modular-designed 30mm multi-layers light towers. One of the smallest size over the world. This modular design makes the installation much easier, even without any tool.  Each light element can be mounted or replaced by the users easily .There is no need to wire the cable from the top to the end. Modular design provides much convenience of your inventory control and the alternation of accessories. Also it is unnecessary for you to buy the whole set of the product while the circuit or only certain light element is out of work. Our module design makes your inventory and maintenance expense . Four stands are available for this new 30mm light module . They are common used  in machine tool industry, power, engineering systems, transportation, instrumentation and industrial automation control.

High-luminance LEDs are used to enhance the extra brightness for 30mm light module . It greatly extend the life time , lower the energy consumption, save time and save cost in maintenance. The LEDs are installed on the PCB board via SMD technology. There are 8 lamps in each light module, providing extraordinary brightness.    A wide range of 12-24V power supply will totally benefit the users to sell your machines worldwide.