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Ultrasonic Flow meter

EMA Electronics Ultrasonic Flow meter

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• Pipe diameter: DN25

• Used for any liquid, including conductive or non-conductive liquid, ie: water and oil

• Feature with temperature monitoring

• Dual output: analogue + switching

• The panel can display flow or temperate rate, providing on-site monitoring

• Smooth tube without mechanical parts inside

• No Electromagnetics. No turbine

• No pressure loss. The pipe is not easy to be blocked

• Not affected by change of fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity

• Small, compact structure, good appearance

• Flexible and simple installation. High reliability

• All stainless steel structure. Protection rating: IP68 / IP69K

    Are flow meters necessary to be BIG? The answer is NO. ema launched a small Ultrasonic Flow Meter that cleverly combines the function of flow sensor and flow meter, bring it in small size and remain high accuracy. At present, traditional flow meter have complex structure, large size, typical appearance, single assembly, inconvenient grounding that affect aesthetics, and data collection is greatly affected by the environment. ema Ultrasonic Flow Meter is designed for process control. Through high-tech process and technological applications, this instrument is compact and exquisite, with simple application, flexible installation and affordable price and it remain the high accuracy and the reliability. 

    ema brand new Ultrasonic Flow Meter can be used in conductive or non-conductive liquids, so it can be widely used in most liquid without the restriction or being affected by other mixed materials in the liquid. Adopting the principle of Ultrasonic technology, inside it is a smooth tube, no electromagnetics, no turbine. It is not affected by change of fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity. No pressure loss. The pipe is not easy to be blocked because there is no paddle inside of pipe. 

    What ema can achieve is not only its small size, but also its programming, high-precision, two outputs, and display screen advantages. The panel shows LEDs and digital display. Users can freely select the display of flow rate or temperature by 2 buttons, providing more convenient and real-time warning effect for on-site person. There are two outputs (analogue and switching). 

    The new product offers flexible connection. Two options are available: Clamp or the thread, and it support flange connection. The housing adopts advanced metal technology. The display is easy to select the setting through the buttons with user-friendly interface. Thanks to all stainless steel housing, the protection rating is up to IP68 or IP69K for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Typical applications such as environment, food and beverage, water treatment, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, solar energy, metallurgy and steel industries. 

Pipe diameter: DN25
Power connection: M12 connector
Range: 1.5…250 L/min
Output: Analogue + Switching 
Supply voltage: 20…30 VDC
Housing material: Stainless steel 316L
Process connection: Clamp DIN 32676 
Protection rating: IP68/IP69K