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Estwing® Chisel-Edge Rock Picks model E3-20BLC

RM 498.00

Estwing's 20 oz Bricklayer/Mason's hammer is forged in one solid piece of the finest American steel making them the most durable on the market. Designed for setting and cutting brick, masonry, tile and concrete block these hammers have been a favourite of professional tradesman for generations. Estwing bricklayer hammers feature our patented Shock Reduction Grip which reduces impact vibration by 70%. Estwing hammers are proudly made in the USA.

Forged, one-piece, solid steel construction, eliminates loose heads. Nylon vinyl grip bonded to handle for comfort and durability.

- Designed for the geologist when working with rock

- High quality chisel geological hammer picks use the strongest steel which is forged in one-piece

- Used by slaters or geologists and has a liquid vinyl grip handle bonded on to the shaft during production for added grip and comfort


-Rock picks 

-Made in USA