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Fieldmaster Mini- Net 5", 80 micron

RM 699.00

Part # 623-1120
Collecting plankton is easy and - weather permitting - fun. Students of all ages enjoy working outside, investigating the ponds, streams, lakes and seashores nearby. Involve your whole class - even your entire school - in a project everyone cares about: clean water. And, best of all, the equipment is simple and low in cost. We include everything you need - real sampling equipment for the real world. Choose from two net sizes, and three mesh opening aperture sizes. Mini nets are 5” in diameter and 15” long. Student nets are 8” in diameter and 20” long. All nets are of durable Nitex® nylon, known for the accuracy of its mesh size. Nitex® is the world standard for plankton nets, referenced in many textbooks. The mesh size guarantees you’ll know the smallest size plankton you’ve collected.