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FieldScout TDR 250 Economy Soil Moisture Meter

RM 7,229.00

Spectrum Technologies is pleased to announce the newest addition to our TDR Soil Moisture Meter product line:  the TDR 250 Economy Soil Moisture Meter.

This meter will be available beginning in mid-January 2021.  We will formally announce the meter on our website at the end of this year or in early January, but we wanted to share this update with you in advance to facilitate your marketing and to answer any questions you or your team might have. 


The affordable FieldScout TDR 250 Economy Soil Moisture Meter allows users to: 

  • Measure soil moisture (VWC%) in less than a second; 
  • Hand-water greens more effectively; 
  • Improve irrigation scheduling; 
  • Conserve water and reduce operating costs; and 
  • Easily and objectively analyze soil moisture data 

By removing the GPS, Bluetooth, temperature sensor, case, and telescoping frame, the TDR 250 has been simplified to provide a cost-effective solution for soil moisture management of turf grass.  It is perfect for daily-fee municipal courses and sports fields with lower technology budgets, as well as for water management districts and ecological / agricultural applications.