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Gill Instruments WindObserver 75 solid-state ultrasonic anemometer

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The WindObserver 75 is capable of monitoring high wind speeds up to 75m/s (168mph) with an optional on-board anti-icing enhanced heating system to allow use in Arctic or Antarctic conditions. WindObserver75 is available with a range of different mounting and connection options for simple installation.

  • Anti-icing enhanced heating power 7A @ 24VAC or DC (1W/cm²)
  • Calibration traceable to NAMAS standards
  • 0-75m/s wind speed range
  • IP66 rated stainless steel construction
  • 0-359° wind direction range (no dead band)
  • Optional base mounts/cable exit
  • Wind speed accuracy for turbine control ±1% within ±25º of datum
  • Averaging/gusts to WMO guidelines

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