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HCCK HCDAR-63 Non Contact Radar Water Level Sensor for Solid Particles, Solid Powder, All kinds Of Dust Environment Hobo/Onset level logger Hobo event logger

RM 2,792.00 RM 3,490.00

Application: Easy to crystallize and dew on solid material, process container or strong dust.

Measuring Range: 70 meters

Process Connection: Thread、Flange

 Medium Temperature: -40~250℃

Process Pressure: Atmospheric pressure 

Accuracy: ±15mm

 Frequency Range: 26GHz

Explosion-proof Grade: Exia ⅡC T6 Ga

 Protection Grade: IP67

Signal Output: 4...20mA/HART(Two wire/FOUR wire)RS485/Modbus

Radar Water Level Sensor 

Non Contact Water Level Sensor

Radar Water Level Sensor in Malaysia

Hobo/Onset level logger Hobo event logger

high quality water level meter with event logger