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Kestrel 3550AG Weather Meter for Spray Applications

RM 1,698.00

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No matter the size of your operation -- effective herbicide and pesticide application is critical to your success. Prevent drift, eliminate waste, and ensure safety and effectiveness – it all starts with monitoring your conditions.

Field-Level Environmental Monitoring for Reliable Decision-Making

It is critical to measure relative humidity, wind speed, and wind direction at field-level to minimize waste and maximize safety when spraying. The on-site weather at the time of application has a significant impact on the risk of drift. Best management practices include checking the weather at the site of the application to ensure safe and effective spraying. With a built-in digital compass, the 3550AG measures all relevant environmental conditions for spraying, including wind direction.

Experts urge applicators to take measurements at the field location and make decisions from accurate, onsite information. It’s important to measure wind speed at the height of sprayer booms and not rely on readings from the local airport, which could be dozens of miles away. The data from remote weather stations do not accurately reflect the conditions at your specific site.

As regulations surrounding drift management get tighter and media and public attention continue to increase, the stakes are higher than ever for applicators and farmers when it comes to accountability. It’s imperative to document spray conditions to defend against costly litigation and protect the future of your operation. The Kestrel app makes it easy to do by wirelessly connecting to the 3550, so you're able to view, log, and manage weather data on a mobile device. Now you can document field data right at the time of spray application -- forget pen and paper notes that can get lost or attempting to data log hours after the application when you’re back in the office and likely to forget. With just one click, the Snapshot feature in the app captures and saves an instant record of all live measurements along with a GPS-based timestamp. Conveniently export historical data as valuable documented evidence that you sprayed within acceptable weather conditions.

Pocket-sized, rugged, waterproof, affordable, easy-to-use, and equipped with wireless data retrieval for monitoring and reporting, the Kestrel 3550AG is your trusted weather guide for spraying and farming.

The new 3550AG meter has Bluetooth connectivity to pair with the Kestrel app for the ability to wirelessly view, share, and export weather data from a mobile device. Download the Kestrel app from the app store to take advantage of all the features available.