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Kimble® 2015S-50 KIMAX® Babcock Bottle for Cream Test, 50%, Sealed 18g

RM 1,998.00

This KIMAX® Babcock bottle is used for testing butter fat content. Calibrated to 50%, it evaluates an 18 gram sample. The etched vertical line used to anchor calipers is centered in a contrasting darkened band enhancing visualization. The scale is applied with permanent brown stain. Marked "Sealed 3" for use in states where required. Capacity: 50% (10mL equals 50%). Tolerance: 0.5% (0.1mL). Subdivision: 0.5% (0.1mL). Sample Size: 18g. Height: 165mm (6.5-inch). Kimble® #: 2015S-50.

Babcock bottle, named for the Babcock test, which was the first inexpensive and practical test factories could use to determine the fat content of milk

Calibrated to 50% (10mL) with 0.5 (0.1mL) subdivisions; ±tolerance = 0.5

Sample size = 18grams, maximum overall height = 6.5”

Scale is permanent brown stain

Marked “Sealed 3” for us in state requiring this special marking

Case of 12

Manufacturer Part No: KIM-2015S-50