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Lohand LH-B55 Digital Refractometer

RM 1,295.00

Sugar brix refractometer LH-B55 is researched and produced by ourself Hangzhou Lohand Biological Co., Ltd.
Sugar brix refractometer is an optical insrument with high accuracy ,designed by the theory of different liquids with different refracture indexes.
Sugar brix refractometer can test the sugar content of fruit ,vegetable,juice,beverage and food processing and honey.

Refractive index:
The digital refractometer takes measurements based on a sample’s refractive index.
Refractive index is a measurement of how light behaves as it passes through the sample.
Depending on the sample’s composition, light will refract and reflect differently.
By measuring this activity with a linear image sensor, the sample’s refractive index can be assessed and used to determine its physical properties such as concentration and density.
In addition to the linear image sensor, the HI96801 uses an LED light, prism and lens to make measurement possible.

Variations in temperature will affect the density of a solution based on the compound that is present.
In digital refractory the use of temperature compensation is necessary for accurate results.
The digital refractometer contains a built-in temperature sensor and is programmed with temperature compensation algorithms in accordance with the ICUMSA Methods Book for a percent by weight sucrose solution.