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LSI Lastem Alpha-Log Datalogger

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Alpha-Log is the most powerful data logger in the LSI Lastem family. With 400MB of internal memory and the removable memory up to 32GB it is suitable also in complex systems


  • Linux operating system for data processing and communications. Open architecture based on integrated Linux PC;
  • Integrated web server for real-time data, diagnostic information and data download to Excel file via Internet browser;
  • Large number of analog, digital and serial inputs. Up to 200 channels managed between measured, derived and calculated quantities;
  • Large multi-level data memory. Removable external memory;
  • 3G/4G communication, wireless router, Ethernet, WIFI, satellite; Redundant dual system with automatic switch from one mode to another;
  • RS232, RS485, SDI-12 ports for connection with serial sensors;
  • Data communication protocols: Modbus RTU/TCP data, FTP (client/server), SFTP, SMTP, SAP, MQTT, HTTP, R-MAP (Participatory Environmental Monitoring Network);
  • Other supported protocols: SSH, NTP;
  • Low power consumption with energy saving modes management;
  • Programmable logics for messages notifications or activating external devices;
  • Alarms: use of SMS, email and local digital outputs;
  • Advanced processing for data statistical analysis: total values, rain intensity, moving and current statistical values. Wind elaborations;
  • Remote system configuration also via modem, without the need of fixed IP SIM Card with or VPN;
  • Remote firmware update;
  • Internal temperature sensor and integrated atmospheric pressure.

Input fot analog and digital sensors – Main module

  • N.2 digital inputs for two independent rain gauges, or one rain gauge with double reed relay / N.2 frequency inputs for optoelectronic anemometers (selectable);
  • N.1 Pt100 input for Temperature sensor;
  • N.1 0÷2 V input;
  • Integrated Absolute Pressure sensor;
  • Integrated internal Temperature sensor.

Input fot analog and digital sensors – Inputs extension module ALIEM

  • N. 8 analog differential inputs (N.16 single-ended);
  • N.4 digital inputs (Pulse/Frequency).

Input for Serial sensors – Main module

  • N.1 RS485 opto-insulated (N.32 Modbus sensors);
  • N.1 SDI-12;
  • N.1 UART input for Storm Distance sensor (DQA601.3) or DMA672.1-672.4 thermo-hygrometer;

Connection on RS485 bus to one or more external sensors or Input extension modules (MDMMA110) by Modbus RTU protocol. Up to three RS485 devices, can be connected to a single bus console (EDTUA1130).

Internal web-server

Alpha-Log has an internal web-server. Using any Internet browser, the following information are available:

  • Diagnostic information (system date/hr, IP address, battery status, events/alarms log, output status, etc.;
  • Instant values;
  • Data downloading from memory (ASCII, CSV, Excel, ZIP).

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