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Medical Oxygen Cylinder Set Incl. Oxygen Kit + Trolley 47L CAPACITY TANK with inhaler

RM 3,998.00

FAQ: How many Liters of oxygen in this 47L tank? Ans: This Medical Oxygen Tank has 8400 Litres of oxygen
FAQ: How long can this medical oxygen tank lasts? Ans: 8400 ÷ lpm (Liters Per Minute) = (How many) Minutes

Lightweight, high-performance medical cylinders provide significant benefits not only for oxygen patients, but also for caregivers, respiratory therapists, nurses, emergency medical personnel and others who regularly use and handle oxygen equipment.

• 99.99% Oxygen Purity
• Ideal for heavy usage over an extended period of time, home  bound
• Large tank (60kg) with 8400L oxygen volume (approx. 80kg)

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