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mjk 200570

MJK Shuttle® Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Shuttle® Ultrasonic Sensor 200570 Standard range version

RM 2,995.00

Shuttle is mainly used in wastewater wells, sewer wells and drinking water reservoirs. Shuttle is also used to measure water levels in harbors, canals etc. 

Shuttle is working with a very low spread of the ultrasonic beam, which eases the installation process.

Thanks to the wizard and a clear symbolic display, Shuttle is simple to use and install.

The two built-in relays can be used as a level/system alarm or pump controller.

MJK’s Shuttle® provides reliable non-contact ultrasonic measurement of waste water.

Shuttle has a high power function that allows steady, reliable level measurements in turbulent, high solids/pollution content or lightly foamy waters.

Range: 15 m (fluids) 6 m (solids)

Frequency: 30 kHz

Spread: 3°

Deadband: 35 cm

Temperature: - 20° to + 60° C

Materials: PP, POM. Mounting: ISO

Cable: Shielded, oil resistant PVC insulation, length 12 m/50 m

Enclosure: IP 68, watertight, withstands max. 1 bar submersion

CE-approvals: EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1