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NISSHIN ELECTRICAL Portable Lightning Detector Thunder Detector made in Japan

RM 980.00

Nisshin Electric’s “Raitan-kun” is a Portable Thunder Detector. It picks up lightning discharges as far as 40-kilometer away, and gives alarms in three levels (beep and LED lamp) based on the lightning strength and distance from the detector. This will help you to quickly take shelter from potential hazards during outdoor work, construction, mountain climbing, hiking, and other activities. 

DETECTED :LED lights up in red and issues a beeping alarm

 when the device detects a lightning strike

1 (Caution) :About 40km (25mi) away (one short beep sounds repeatedly)

2 (Warning):About 20km (12mi) away (two short beeps sound repeatedly)

3 (Danger) :About 10km ( 6mi) away (three short beeps sound repeatedly)


Model : NTD-P01 雷探くん (Raitan-kun)

Lightning alert distance : Approximately 40km (25mi) radius, depending on ambient conditions and magnitude of lightning discharges.

Lightning alert indication : Alert Indication: Detection and 3-step alerts (LED)・Alarm sound (beeper)

Ambient temperature : -10˚C to +40˚C (14˚F to –104˚F), humidity under 85% RH

Power supply and run time : Two AAA alkaline batteries / approximately 400hours (in standby mode)

Dimensions(approximate): W: 54.5mm (2.15in) x H: 86mm (3.4in) x D: 15.5mm (0.6in)

Weight(approximate) : 65g (2.3oz), including battery

International Protection : IP33 (IEC60529)

Country of Origin : Japan

The 雷探くん (Raitan-kun) is produced by Nisshin Electric Co., Ltd., which has over seventy years

experience in the ield of lightning strikes protection/detection. The base model of 雷探くん

(Raitan-kun) is a stationary type authorized and used by the Japan Self-Defense Force at their

100+ bases. Using the core speciications and proven functionality of that stationary model,

Nisshin Electric Co., Ltd. Designed 雷探くん (Raitan-kun) for consumer use.