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Nitrogen Parameters Leaf Colour Charts LCC

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LCC nitrogen reflect leaf chlorophyll indication and used as an inexpensive alternative to the SPAD-502 meter in agriculture and research market.


Advantages of using LCC
- More Crop
- Less Cost
- Avoid Disease
- Reduction of GHG Emission

The use of LCC in Punjab state in India, recommended by the Punjab Agricultural University for maize, rice and wheat crops,
can result in saving of Rs 170 crore (38 Million USD) annually as well as the environment.

Potential savings in urea by using the LCC method
With the use of LCC in irrigated rice, let us assume a potential saving of 23 kg N or 50 kg urea per ha per season. The
calculated annual savings of urea are provided in the table below for selected Asian countries (except China). The estimated
annual saving of urea is 834,000 tons for India if 50% of farmers use LCC in the irrigated rice area of 22.3 million ha.
Other countries that could save substantial amounts of urea when they adopt LCC are Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and the
Philippines. For the whole of Asia, except China, the potential annual saving of urea is estimated at 1, 2, 3 and 4 million tons,
respectively, with 25, 50, 75 and 100% of farmers using LCC in irrigated rice.