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Omnidots SWARM V2.2b vibration monitor with SWARM battery (375 wh) plus battery charger EU include Carry-on case

RM 19,998.00

1. The SWARM performs high quality vibration measurements and sends the measurement data wirelessly to the Honeycomb web platform.

- Complies with industry standards: DIN4150-2, DIN4150-3, DIN 45669-1, BS7385, BS6841, ISO2631, SBR-A 2010, SBR-A 2017, SBR-B, Circulaire du 23/07/1986, ISEE (USBM RI8507 & OSMRE) and SN640312a.
- The SWARM continuously sends the measurement data automatically to Honeycomb via 4G/LTE, WiFi or PoE using an adapter.
- Mounting is very quick and easy.
- The SWARM is compact, lightweight, and IP65 rated.

Vibration monitor with MEMS technology
The SWARM vibration monitor is the most efficient and high-quality vibration monitor on the market and uses MEMS technology. Geophones are no longer needed.

An easy to install vibration monitor
Installing the SWARM is incredibly fast and easy, as you can see in this video. You can configure the measuring points remotely via the Honeycomb web platform. There you can also access your measurement data 24/7, from anywhere in the world from your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

2. The SWARM Battery can power your SWARM up to six weeks. It’s an unprecedented small and handy Battery.

3. The Battery charger allows you to charge your SWARM Battery. The Battery charger can charge the SWARM Battery while the battery continues to power the SWARM. You can safely continue measuring during charging.

4. The Carry-on case is a handy case allowing you to neatly transport and store your Omnidots products.