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OxyTechw² RDO Pro-X Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Range: 0-50 mg/l, Cable Length: 10 metres with SPAN Certificate

RM 6,350.00

The OxyTechw² RDO Pro-X Sensor uses the latest optical technology for measuring dissolved oxygen (DO) in demanding wastewater, drinking water, industrial effluent and surface water environments.

The sensor uses optical sensing techniques that provide a fast response and do not need a flowing sample to operate. There is no need for routine calibration, enabling manual intervention to be kept to an absolute minimum. Periodic validation of the measurement can be done as part of standard quality assurance performed by the operator. The sensor uses an extended life cap that does not have a finite life, though replacement is recommended every two years. When replacement of the cap is required the operation takes only a few minutes with no need to enter complex set up codes and no need to re-calibrate.

The need for manual cleaning of the sensor is kept to a minimum through use of Partech’s FlexTech mounting system which places the sensor below the surface of the tank, away from the floating fats and grease whilst keeping the sensor face moving to prevent the build up of a biofilm.


Dimensions (hxwxd): Ø47mm, 203 mm long

Weight: 0.8 kg

Protection Class:    IP68

Enclosure Material: Body - ABS, Titanium Temperature Probe with Polyurethane coated cable

                                   Cap - ABS, Polycarbonate/Polymethyl/methylacrylate

Cable Entries: Integral Cable Gland, Black Acetal, 316 Stainless Steel

Cable Length: 10 metres standard, 100 metres maximum

Interface to Monitor    

Power Supply: 12 VDC from Monitor

Sensor Output: ModTechw², RS485