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Portable Nano Atomizer Disinfection Fogging Spray Gun

RM 169.00

This hand-held sprayer has 8 strong blue LED lights, which can be sterilized by ozone air
The gun uses the principle of superheated steam to pressurize liquid water into gaseous superheated molecules.
Therefore, when you press the spray gun, the powerful air pressure makes it spray out
The water bottle capacity is 800 ml. You can adjust the use time by controlling the amount of fog
The fuselage intelligently dissipates heat and releases a large amount of positive spray
Made of high-quality PA plastic, with fast fogging and large fog volume.
The compact body and ergonomic design make you feel comfortable anywhere and easy to carry
This is a real lightweight sprayer
Suitable for gardens, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, factories and other places

Type : Wireless (Rechargeable)
Charging Time:2 Hours
Usage Time : It lasts 3 hours on a charge
Water Bottle Container:800ml
Battery Capacity:2600mAh
Working Rate:10W
Related Voltage:110-240v (general)
Supply Voltage:DC12V

Item in the box: 1unit x DS350 Blue Light Nano Atomizer