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Protimeter BLD5702 digital mini moisture meter

RM 1,750.00


Range: 7.9% to 99% WME (pin measurement).

Includes two-pin moisture probe, pouch, wood species calibration tables, calibration check device, two spare pins


  • Rugged construction
  • Large backlit display
  • Pin moisture measurement
  • Wide range of accessory plugins
  • Industry-leading 2-year warranty


 The Digital Mini is the perfect tool for getting accurate readings in a wide range of building materials. This easy-to-use and rugged pin-type meter allow the user to either push the pins deep into the material with its versatile accessories or lightly press the pins on the surface—barely leaving a mark. The intuitive colour LED and backlit LCD provides a clear and quick display of high moisture areas. The Digital Mini uses the same attachment as the rest of the Protimeter range, including the Hammer Electrode:

  • Building Survey
  • Fire and flood restoration
  • Concrete surface measurement
  • Indoor air quality
  • Environmental health
  • Wooden sub-floor and hardwood flooring