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QiHong Foldable Hand Saw with handle 250mm suitable for general cutting purposes

RM 198.00

Total length 530mm
Blade Length 250mm
Width 40mm
Tooth Pitch 0.3mm

Hacksaw garden A garden saw or a hand saw is a very necessary garden tool. It has rather compact dimensions: the length of the canvas is 250 mm, the width is 40 mm, which creates certain conveniences while working in the garden. Trees and shrubs need not only watering, they periodically need to cut branches - sick and old shoots. In addition, fruit-bearing trees often throw out young shoots that interfere with a good harvest. In this case, they also need to get rid of. A compact folding garden saw Qihong 250 mm comes to the rescue.Features and characteristics of the presented hand saw modelHacksaw designed for pruning trees has a special design of teeth. Due to this, pruning for representatives of the flora is not traumatic. The teeth have a special sharpening, due to which you can cut in any direction. The sawdust will not get clogged as the tooth spacing is quite wide. The canvas where they are located is wide, curved or narrowed - as in the model presented on the site. The performance of this tool is lower than that of an electric saw, but such a hacksaw can be taken with you to nature, since its dimensions are compact, and it folds itself. Plus - the hand saw is light and mobile. Stainless steel is used for the manufacture of the blade - a material of high quality, resistance to oxidation, corrosion. The handle of the saw is made of rubber, it fits well in the hand, does not slip, creates normal conditions for the sawing process. curved or narrowed - as in the model presented on the site.