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Seba RG60 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge with dual reed switch HOBO Rain Gauge Data Logger RG-3

RM 3,995.00


0.5mm Tipping Bucket     

    200 SEBA Rain Gauge RG 60    

    very accurate rain gauge with impulse output     

    available for data loggers and transmission systems     

    collecting funnel: 200 mm Ø     

    tipping bucket: made of stainless steel     

    resolution: 1 impulse = 0.5 mm rainfall     

    output: potential free contact second switch closure     

    accuracy: ± 0.5% at 12.5mm/h, ± 2% at 50mm/h, ± 5% at 100mm/h     

    dimensions: height 610 mm, Ø 210 mm  weight: 2.9 kg

#HOBO Rain Gauge Data Logger RG-3

high quality rain gauge with affordable price