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SenseCAP S2101- LoRaWAN® Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor - Ambient Air Temperature Sensor

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SenseCAP LoRaWAN S2101 Sensor measures temperature and humidity in the atmosphere at the range of -40℃ to 85℃ and 0 to 100 %RH (non-condensing) respectively, making it widely applicable in industrial environmental sensing scenarios. It is specifically optimized for OTA with built-in Bluetooth, which enables quick setup and update. Benefiting from LoRa and IP66 design, this sensor features stability and reliability and covers a long transmission range while keeping lower power consumption. Unlike wireline devices, it is battery-powered, reducing the workload and complexity of the deployment, and can be disassembled and installed in a few minutes.


  • Compatible with Worldwide LoRaWAN® Networks: Compatible with different types of LoRaWAN® gateways to enable fast connection with LoRaWAN® networks (support the universal frequency plan from 863MHz ~928MHz).
  • Long Range & Battery powered: Ultra-wide-transmission range of 2km in urban scenes and 10km in line of sight scenes. Powered by easily replaceable standard Li-SOCl2 battery (type: ER34615)  with Max.10 years of battery life.
  • Designed to Use in Harsh Environments: -40℃ ~ 85℃ operating temperature and IP66-rated enclosure, suitable for outdoor use, high UV exposure, heavy rain, dusty conditions, etc. 
  • Simple Configuration: SenseCAP provides a no-code experience that enables users to finish configuration with 4 steps through SenseCAP Mate APP.


SenseCAP S210X is a series of wireless LoRaWAN® sensors.

It can cover a transmission range of 2km in urban scenes and 10km in line-of-sight scenes while keeping lower power consumption during the transmission process. Together with a replaceable battery that supports up to 10 years of usage and an industrial IP66 enclosure. It supports -40 ~ 85℃ operating temperature and can be deployed in harsh environments. SenseCAP S210X is compatible with LoRaWAN® V1.0.3 protocol and can work with LoRaWAN® gateway.

LoRaWAN® gateways can provide LoRaWAN® network coverage which is required when using such sensors. S210X can be connected to different LoRaWAN® gateways while what Seeed provides offers you a seamless user experience.

Helium Network: Sensors work in areas covered by Helium Network (Check on Helium Explorer). You can check the SenseCAP M1 and SenseCAP M2.

LoRaWAN Network: Sensors work in LoRaWAN® networks, like The Things Network, Loriot, Chirpstack, etc. You can check the SenseCAP Outdoor Gateway and the SenseCAP M2 Multiplatform Gateway.

We highly recommend that you use our SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN Gateway, which is a standard LoRaWAN® gateway that supports connection to different network servers. With its affordable price of $99, its cost-effectiveness becomes a standout advantage, especially when building your private LoRaWAN network.

Seeed provides the SenseCAP Portal platform and SenseCAP Mate APP to help users better manage and check data remotely

SenseCAP Portal is a web service to enable users to manage SenseCAP devices and view data through the web.
  • Bind and manage all devices in one account
  • Includes Dashboard, Device Management, Data Management, and Access Key Management
  • Provides MQTT and HTTP API to users for further development
SenseCAP Mate is a powerful APP for data visualization and remote device management.
  • Save time - provides a scan-and-play experience to enable users to complete the whole configuration in 4 steps
  • Works for people with less or no technical background to get started with sensor data easily
  • Acquire and view data on clean user interfaces
  • Set time intervals: improve the battery efficiency
  • Set threshold values: focus on the data you need to take action for - coming soon
  • Send alarms if data is out of the safe range - coming soon


High-performance Guarantee

We are well aware that the sensors may work under harsh outdoor conditions. To ensure that the performance and durability of the sensors are consistent with their specifications throughout the complete lifecycle, SenseCAP S210X went through 6 reliability tests before releasing and met the requirements to perform perfectly in extreme conditions.

  • High-Low Temperature Test - determine performance under adverse temperature conditions.
  • Conformance Test - whether the collected values of multiple devices are consistent
  • Waterproof Test
  • Freezing Test
  • Long-Range Communication Test - whether the device loses packets under long-distance transmission
  • R&D and Production Test - to test the pass rate of multiple devices under factory conditions


Poultry Farm, Livestock Shed, Greenhouse, Office, Home, Cold Chain, and Warehouse



Air Temperature


-40 to +85 °C


±0.2 °C


0.01 °C

Long-term Drift

<0.03 °C/year

Air Humidity


0 to 100%RH


±1.8 %RH


0.01 %RH

Long-term Drift

<0.25 %RH/year

General Parameters

Product Model




Support Protocol

LoRaWAN v1.0.3 Class A

Built-in Bluetooth

App Tool to change parameters

LoRaWAN Channel Plan

IN865/EU868/US915/AU915/ AS923/KR920/RU864 *

Max Transmitted Power Sensitivity



-136dBm@SF12 BW=125KHz

Communication Distance

2 to10km (depending on gateway antenna and environments)

IP Rating


Operating Temperature

-40 to +85 °C

Operating Humidity

0 to 100% RH (non-condensing)

Device Weight




Battery (Contained in equipment)

Battery Life

Up to 10 years**

Battery Capacity

19Ah (non-rechargeable)

Battery Type

Standard D-size SOCl2 Battery