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SISGEO Portable Water Level Indicators C112 Water Level Meter 50m

RM 3,195.00

WATER LEVEL INDICATORS, also called Water Level Meters or deepmeters, they are used for water ground level measurements in standpipes, wells and Casagrande piezometers. WLI is a battery powered portable device
equipped with a dipping probe connected to a graduated flat cable wrapped on a cable reel. In contact with water the dipping probe activates either an audible alarm and a light indicator mounted on a cable reel faceplate. The staff gauges are installed for a quick visual indication of the water surface level in reservoirs, rivers, streams and open channels.
These environmentally rugged iron gauges are finished with porcelain enamel to ensure easy reading and resist rust or discoloration.

• Casagrande and standpipe piezometers
• Water wells
• Water ground level measurement in landslides, tunnels, excavations and dams
• Water level indication in basins, lakes and canals

• Available also with water temperature probe
• Long life, inexpensive and compact
• Permanent and accurate cable markings
• Staff gauges available with special design for inclined installation or different marking colors

SISGEO Water Level Indicators Model C112
Application: Ground water level
Probe Diameter: 16 mm (suitable for tube ≥ ¾”)
Probe Length: 120 mm
Probe Material: stainless steel and ABS
Probe Weights: Zn - Al alloy, OD 12 mm
Cable Type: tempered steel tape with nylon jacket
Cable Lengths: 50m
Cable Graduation: every millimeter
Cable Colour: yellow with black/red marks
Cable Width: 10 mm
Reel Material: heavy plastic plates and steel tubing stand, baked-on paint
Battery type: 9 V DC disposal