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Spectrum SPAD 502 Plus Chlorophyll Meter Best & Lowest price in the market

RM 10,998.00

BEST PRICE, LOWEST PRICE ORIGINAL SPAD 502 Plus Chlorophyll Meter in the market!

SKU: 2900P

Instantly measures chlorophyll content or “greenness” of your plants to reduce the risk of yield-limiting deficiencies or costly overfertilizing   Optical Density Difference at two wavelengths: 650 nm and 940 nm
 Measurement Area: 2 mm x 3 mm   (Approximately 3/32 in x 1/8 in)
 Light Source: 2 LEDs
 Receptor: Silicon Photodiode
 Power Source: 2 AA alkaline  batteries (1.5V)
 Repeatability: Within ±0.3 SPAD unit
 SPAD Value: Index of relative chlorophyll content; -9.9 to 199.9 
 Dimensions: 164x78x49mm (LxWxD)

 Lead Time Delivery: 4 to 8 weeks

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