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Spectrum TCM 500 Turf Colour Meter

RM 6,598.00


Measures reflected light from approximately a 3 inch (7.6 cm) diameter section of turfgrass
 Uses an internal light source to negate the effect of sunny versus cloudy conditions
 Measures reflectance in the red (660 nm) and near infrared (850 nm) spectral bands
 Displays result as NDVI, percent reflectance, or as a user-adjustable grass index from 1 to 9
 Connects to any GPS receiver that has a serial output option*
 Equipped with internal data logger and RS-232 port
 Records 3,250 measurements (1,350 with added GPS/DGPS option)
 Measurement Sample: Turf grass canopy
 Measurement System: Reflectance of red (660 nm) and NIR (850 nm) light
 Measurement Area: Approx. 3.0 in (7.6 cm)
 Measurement Units: Percent reflectance (0.0 to 99.9) of Red and NIR
 NDVI (0.000 to 1.000)
 Grass Index (1.00 to 9.00)
 Power Source: 1 9 V alkaline battery (included); approx. 3,000 measurements
 Repeatability: ± 5% of measurement

 Lead Time Delivery: 4 to 8 weeks