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Tramex Skipper Plus - Moisture meter for boats

RM 2,395.00

The Tramex Skipper Plus non-destructive moisture meter provides a complete, safe method for detecting excess moisture in GRP and wooden boats. A pocket-sized moisture meter, the Skipper is designed to locate moisture in boat hulls and fittings.

The Skipper Plus Moisture Meter is used for:

Early detection before blistering appears.

Identifying the affected area.

Monitoring hull during de-humidification and repairs.

Checking stripped or peeled areas for dryness prior to re-coating.



- Three ranges for detecting moisture in GRP and hardwood for salt & freshwater.

- Wide range of readings for wood of 5% to 30% on hardwood scale and 0 to 100 on comparative scale for GRP and other materials

- Identifies the presence of osmosis in GRP hulls.

- Confirms if wooden boats are dry enough for painting or varnishing.

- Trace deck and bulkhead leaks.

- “Hold” function facilitates ease of recording readings

- Soft rubber electrodes make direct contact without scratching.

- High moisture audio warning tone that can be switched on or off.

- Battery operated (included)